Victoria is one of the most vicious Divas in WWE history. Don't let her impeccable good looks fool you. She may be one of the hottest Divas around, but Victoria's beauty is only matched by a mean streak that has helped drive her to two Women's Championships.

Armed with one of the most devastating finishing maneuvers in all of professional wrestling, the Widow's Peak, Victoria had recently aligned herself with two other Divas - Torrie Wilson and Candice. Being the most accomplished competitor of the three, Victoria was often looked upon to fill the enforcer role of the trio, but it was a role she gladly accepted.

But when three beautiful Divas such as Victoria, Torrie and Candice are all sharing the spotlight, there's usually not enough of the spotlight to go around - and this situation was no different. Victoria and Candice turned on Torrie Wilson during Candice's Playboy unveiling on RAW. The duo was set to face Trish Stratus & Torrie Wilson at Saturday Night's Main Event - until Torrie was found laid out in the locker room. Trish found an unconscious Torrie backstage at RAW with an autographed copy of Playboy laying on her prone body.

Torrie's banishment from the trio developed over a few weeks. Candice became the latest Diva to don the cover of Playboy magazine, and she was certainly excited. In fact, after a recent Torrie Wilson loss, Candice said that losing didn't matter because she would be on Playboy in a couple of weeks.

The following week Torrie Wilson accompanied Candice to the ring for her Women's Championship opportunity against Trish Stratus. Candice went for a pinning combination close to the ropes, and Torrie reached out to give her extra leverage. The referee caught Torrie and broke up the pin. Within moments, Trish recovered and scored the victory over Candice.

Torrie tried to apologize backstage to Candice, but the Playboy covergirl wasn't hearing it. In fact, she answered Torrie's apology by slapping her across the face. Torrie sucked it up, though, and went to the ring with Victoria for Candice's Playboy unveiling. Candice began to talk about how she was the hottest Diva to ever appear in Playboy, taking a jab at Torrie, who was also a former Playboy cover girl. Torrie decided to speak her mind and told Candice that she was being selfish. Candice lured Torrie in with an apologetic hug, but then she winked at Victoria and they attacked Wilson.

The double cross should come as no surprise as far as Victoria is concerned. Time after time she has proven that she will do whatever it takes to get what she wants and to work her way to the top of the Women's Division. Victoria made her WWE debut in August 2002, and within just a few months she defeated Trish Stratus for her first Women's Championship. Victoria and Trish have had some of the greatest women's matches of all time over the years, and their rivalry appears to be an ongoing one.

Victoria has also been a pioneer in the Women's Division. At WrestleMania XX she defeated Molly Holly in the first-ever Women's Division Hair vs. Championship Match. After defeating Holly to retain her gold, Victoria humiliated Molly in front of a sold-out crowd at Madison Square Garden by shaving her head.

Victoria has also shown over the years that she feels that success should only come from hard work. She's a strong believer that nothing should be handed to you in life. So it was no surprise that soon after Christy Hemme became the 2004 RAW Diva Search Winner, that the fiery redhead became Victoria's No. 1 target. Victoria backed up her attacks with a win at Vengeance, proving that hard work does indeed pay off.

Ashley was the 2005 RAW Diva Search Winner, and she followed in Christy's footsteps as an immediate target of Victoria. Only this time, Victoria also had a numbers advantage with Torrie and Candice by her side. Ashley was clearly outmatched, but the odds started to swing back in her favor when Trish Stratus returned and came to her rescue. The two sides had a back and forth rivalry, and Mickie James eventually came into the fold as well. One thing is for sure, though. If Victoria feels like she is being pushed aside, she won't stand idly by and accept it.